The Differences Between Information Technology and Communication Technology



Information Technology and Communication Technology, what are the differences? – In the context of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), information technology and communication technology are two inseparable concepts.

But if both types of technology (information technology and communication technology) are defined separately, it can be defined that information technology covers all matters that are related to process, use as a tool, manipulation, and management of information.

While communications technology is anything that relates to the use of tools to process and transfer data from one device to another.

What are other differences between information technology and communication technology?.

Simply put, information technology is all about how computers work and what can be done by computers, while communications technology is all about the provision of facilities for communication between people with people, or people with a machine / computer, or machine with machine.

Communication technology covers not only computers, but also including telephone, radio, fax and other equipment.

Information technology is formed from the components of computer technology and information content. At the beginning of the initial discovery of a computer or computer use, the term of Information Technology was not known, at that time the more popular terms were computer technology, EDP (electronic data processing) or electronic data processing technology.

Around the early 80′s some new terms came to be known, the name for the unit of work that does electronic data processing was changed from EDP to Information Technology unit of work, there was also a false writing, the working unit of Information & Technology.

While communication technology is synonymous with telecommunications technology at the heart of the process of information dissemination.

The above description is the definition of the differences between information technology and communication technology, if the separation of the definitions of both terms is desired. But in the context of ICT both technologies or the terms of information technology and communication technology can not be separated.

Information and Communication Technology or ICT or the combination of both information technology and communication technology, is a technology that is built with the main base of computer technology. The development of computer technology that continues to bring the main implications of this technology in data processing which leads to information.

The output of computer technology which is a component that is more useful than just a pile of data, making computer technology and technology that supports its operations process gets a new nickname, namely information and communication technology or ICT in short term.

Information technology and communication technology or is also referred to as Information and communication technology (ICT) developed by three main dimensions of technology namely:

Computer technology, which is a key driver to the development of information and communication technology (ICT).

– Telecommunications technology, which becomes the core of the process of information dissemination.

Information content, which becomes the main driver of the implementation of information and communication technology (ICT).

The fact of the world history records that each of the three constituent dimensions of information and communication technologies above, was originally developed mutually exclusive.

Computer technology is growing in the scope and tends to be more theoretical mathematics. Telecommunications technology is growing widespreadly in the world of business and economics become a pillar supporting transport technologies in the industrial revolution.

While the science of information appears at the beginning of World War II. Victory and defeat of an army in World War II field is determined by the accuracy of information. After that, the concept of information science is growing rapidly.

So that the 3 (three) dimensions making up the information and communications technology or ICT began to develop convergently following the concept of information science that is increasingly mature.

The combination of these three dimensions are rapidly expanding beyond any other technology fields. Until the beginning of the 21st century ICT continue to experience various changes and have not seen the point of saturation. website is updated frequently, several times a month. So, you can revisit every month or check the history of interesting updates of the website on What’s new on the website?.

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